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A) General Instructions:-
  • New  return forms Form 231, Form 232 , Form 233 , Form 234 , Form 235 and CST Form III (E)  have been introduced in place of Form  221, Form 222, Form 223, Form 224 ,  Form 225 and CST  Form III ( B)  respectively.
  • Now for all the Dealers , filing of e-Return has  been made  mandatory, have to make the payment before the online filing of return
  • IN case of MVAT payments such payments should be made in the Chalan 210 where as in case of CST payment should be made in Return form III (E) showing only amount of CST payable and  paid ( as there is no prescribed form of chalan for CST
  • While preparing the electronic return  dealers shall write the amount paid in the field "Amount Already Paid" provided in the return form.
  • Dealers shall also write details of Chalan Number , date of payment and  name of bank and Branch in the filed provided in the eReturn.
  • The refer the notification available on website

B) Procedure for online filing of EReturns

Step 1.  On line  Registration for filing of e- return

  • Dealer can file e_return only after getting enrolled  for e Services through � New user registration� utility available on web site of department of sales tax
  • After selecting above utility , a home page  will be displayed wherein dealers have to Click on " New User Register Here � link  . This link is also available from � e Returns  � window available on Home page. 
  • A new screen will be displayed wherein dealers have to enter  TIN No and press Submit button.
  • After  , a new screen will be displayed wherein basic information  in the �DEALER INFO� should be entered. i.e. PAN No., Mobile No., Email id, Address.( * fields are mandatory )
  • In the same  screen  facility to � CREATE PASSWORD� is available  , wherein dealer should enter the password of his choice  which should be used  at the time of  login for  e-filing utility or for other e Services.
  • In the same screen under �PASSWORD RECALL� screen, the dealer should select the question of his choice and enter the answer in the given field which enable the department to ask the secret question in the event the user forgets his password. Dealer should enter these fields carefully and also remember the details entered
  • Upon successfully  registered for   e Services , � E-SERVICES ACKNOWLEDGEMENT� sheet will be generated with a unique transaction id. Dealer should  take a print out of the acknowledgment and  submit the copy duly signed by authorized person to the respective Registering Authority.
  •  In case of any difficulty in user registration please contact ,

a.      In case of LTU Dealer , the In Charge Officer from LTU Branch of Department,

b.      In other E Return Mandatory Dealers, the   liaison officer from sales tax department ( the officer monitoring the dealers filing of E Returns)

c.      In other Cases  authority in charge of return branch  under whose jurisdiction
 place of business of dealer falls

d.      Contact on Toll Free number given below in help desk
    022  - 23735601

d. Send  mail on e-Mail id mention below  in help desk  

Step 2.   Downloading the Return template ( forms)

  • The  template of e-return is prepared in MS Excel and freely available on web site . from � DOWNLOAD� menu in Home Page.
  •  Presently templates of Form 231, 232, 233, 234 , 235 and CST return Form are available 
  • The return templates have inbuilt validation utility in MS Excel as well as Visual Basic to check the self consistency of data entered.
  • The templates downloaded from the web site shall be used by dealer as these templates will be uploaded and accepted on web site .
  • This template can be used for off line preparation of return. .
  • Downloads -> Forms ->  E-Return Forms -> Electronic Forms
  •  Simply follow the URL

Step 3.   Preparation of return.

  • Dealers shall taken precaution to use MS Excel in MS Office for preparation and validation of return
  • Macro security level setting:- Dealer should keep macro security level �medium� or �low� in � tools �menu on Manu Bar. This will activate the Visual Basic Validation utility in template of return form.
  • After setting the macro security level, the templates should be closed after saving. Thereafter again the same template should be  reopened for the purpose of entering the information.
  • The return templates have inbuilt validation utility in MS Excel as well as Visual Basic. There are two sheets in the return template. First sheet provides for entering  of data whereas on second sheet error are displayed along with detailed error messages.
  • After entering the data , dealers must  validate the data by pressing � validate� button which at the bottom of the first sheet. After validation errors are displayed on Error Sheet.
  • Dealer must ensure that the data entered is error free and not a single error message is displayed on error sheet and information entered in such template should be saved.  E_ Return filing utility will accept only validated and error free returns .
  • When the E return Template is error free , the validation utility ( after pressing the � Press to Validate � Button) , the separate �rem.xls� file is automatically generated  and saved in �My Documents� by default.
  • Dealer should ensure that this automatically generated � rem.xls� file should be uploaded . Other file will not be accepted by E Return uploading utility.
  • Downloadable templates  231, 232, 233, 234 , 235 and CST return Forms made available .

 Step 4.   Uploading the return

  • Facility of uploading of electronic return is restricted to authorized dealers only . These are the dealers who are successfully registered  from � New user registration utility � on the Sales tax Department web site URL :-
  • At the home page , select dealer type as � Dealer� and enter valid  user_id & password and press the �Submit� button.
  • User_id is MVAT TIN Number ( 12 digit including first 11 numerical and 12th Alphabet �V� in capital letter )
  • After successful login , click on  the �e-returns link�   Or � Submit E Return link� available on home page.
  • There is a option to browse the file that you intend to upload. You may manually enter the path & file name that you wish to upload or browse & select it. (Remember that you should upload the correct  rem.xls file generated after offline validation of return template )  
  • After selecting the file to be uploaded , press the button �validate & upload�. The process of uploading starts & the system validates the template that is being uploaded. If the same is error free it is validated & uploaded. Please note that the system shall not upload the return if ,

� Correct rem.xls  file is not uploaded

� User_id TIN and TIN mentioned in return is not correct.

  • If uploading process detects errors or defects in return , then error sheet is generated showing details of fields in which errors are detected. This error sheet helps you to make necessary correction in the return file.

Step 5.   Generation of an Acknowledgment: 

  • Upon successfully validating & uploading of the form,  a acknowledgement sheet will be generated. with a unique transaction id and transaction date .
  • It shall contain some key fields that you have filled in your e-return.
  • You can take a print out of the acknowledgment and  retain it for future reference & record.
  • Now, facility of downloading acknowledgements of last 4 e-transactions is available after login. through the transaction sub utility under dealer information  utility.

Step 6 Submission of physical signed Copy of Acknowledgement

  • Department is in then process of issuing a notification whereby dealer filing e-Return with the digital signature will not be required to file physical copy of return. The date will be separately notified.
  • Dealer uploading return without digital signature  after the notified date shall submit the physical copy of the acknowledgement generated duly signed by authorized person.
  •  Such copy should be submitted to the officer in charge in the LTU branch in case of dealer being monitored by LTU branch of the department Or Liaison officer who is monitoring the dealer e return filing Or in other cases to the authorities in charge of return branch  under whose jurisdiction the place of business of dealer falls .

Help Desk :-

  • In case of ant difficulty please contact ,

a.      call on the Number given below in help desk

                022  - 23735601

b.       e-Mail id mentioned below


Problem during accessing  web site :-

�              Password Retrieval :   Should You Forget your login  password you can retrieve your password using the link " Forgot Password " from the home page, wherein you can reset the password after entering the key information . 

�                On the web site of Sales Tax Department tax , there are some add on programs . For functioning these programs , certain utilities are needed on the personal computer from which web site is accessed. If these utilities are not available , then these add on programs may interfere the operation of browser. On the department web site there is Add On program � Shock Wave Flash Object � .  If the problem is faced in accessing the Web site then ,it  is necessary to disable this Add On program from the � Manage Add  On's � utility in Tools menu on Menu bar.




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